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SharJ's Special Touch Painting & Interior Design LLC - If you want to Flip it just call SSTPID a Painting Interior/Exterior and business or home Decorating Interior Designer:
Contact Information:
SSTPID: Stand for SharJ’s Special Touch Painting & Interior Design LLC:
  •   Interior/Exterior Painting
  •   Color Consultation
  •   Painting Shutters, Garage-Doors
  •  Construction-site clean-up
  •   Home Staging
  •  New Construction/Existing Cleaning
  •   Pressure Washing, Wall-Paper Removal
  •   Drive-ways/Side-Walks, Decks  etc.
  •  Office & Business Cleaning
  •   Interior Decorating Uplifting
  •   Elegance home design
  •   Along-Side Cleanliness & Healthy Living
  •   There is no job too small for us
  •   Prices are Fare & Competitive
  •   All Floors & Furniture will be Covered as needed
  •   Work will be Done in a Timely & Budget manner
For all others information below:
Message Phone # (678)834-5377
cell phone # (248)701-2566 Or (248)462-4464

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