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SharJ's  Special Touch
Painting & Interior Design LLC 
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Exterior Trim work in McDonough GAFront door painting project

painting trim around the front door

Trim work of the whole exterior of the home in MCD area

Power Washing front area of home

Painting area 300 sqft

Pressure Washing porch area

Staining the garage floor

Painting kitchen and living room area in Griffin GA

Painting Kitchen nook area

Ceiling work in GA

Wall, Trim and Ceilings in M G

Railing and trim Work

Hallway, bathroom walls, ceiling and trim

2800 sqft home painting project.

wall painting project in MG

walls, ceiling and trim painting project

Interior painting project

Interior painting project wall, ceiling and trim.

high ceiling painting project

painting project, interior of home

House painting project

Bathroom wall, trim and ceiling

Interior painting of home

High ceiling and walls

High walls, trim work

Home project painting job

Home ranging form 300-5000sq feet

Sandpoint, and crack wheat colors

Painting project from top to bottom
Exterior and interior home painting

Trim work done right

walls, trim  and ceiling of interior home.

Trim work in McDonough

Wall painting in Stockbridge

Walls painting project in Stockbridge

High Wall work

Wall color

Firer place painting project

Prep Work First

High Window Trim Work

Cutting in before painting

Painting & Doing it right!
Using Berh products

High Trim Work

High Trim Work project

Painting Blocks up high

Chimney Work

McDonough  Painting Proect

whole house project.

Painting Ceiling

Ceiling work at its best

Home painting project

500sqft home in Stockbridge, GA

Bedroom painting for youth age 13 in McDonough, GA

1500sqft home painting project

Painting project at its best

Basement work
Power washing exterior of home

Cleaning windows with power wash

Bedroom and hallway painting job

removing animals off the wall with painting

Ceiling painting

Customer satisfaction

Painting a home in Smyrna 5000sqft

Kitchen ready

Foyer ready

Peach tree home painting project

covington home ready

Smyrna dining ready

Smyrna kitchen ready

Smyrna Basement ready

pre-work before painting

Ceiling Painting in Griffen

Fresh Start Church

Prep Work at the church

Gas up for painting

Trimming in at Fresh Start Church

Decorating and Painting

Hanging Flag at church

Working with color

Setting up to work with color

Outside painting

Spraying the building

Poll painting for the church

Faith Christian Center

Working from room to room

SharJ's is doing it right, the first time.

Bring a change to the building

Deck work one step at a time

Outside painting in Buck head

Painting the whole house

Window treatment

Bathroom decorating

Dinning room cleaning

Dinning room painting

Prep work, covering the area

Trim work one step at a time

The Finish Product

Sharmon at her best

lithonia home ready

Lithonia rooms ready

lithonia kitchen ready

lithonia hallway stairs ready

move in ready

Empty Cleaning home

Painting interior home

Painting bathroom for customer

Home in lithonia

Painting for customer
Making a bedroom lovly


Keep wall paper up

Exterior work

Fence painting

Training session

Interior painting project

Wall 2 Wall work

Top 2 bottom painting

In and out painting projects

Church painting

Deck staining for customer

Women at work doing it right

Men on the move painting

Redbeacon now call pro referral

showing up and doing the work

Fence painting doing the work

Headed to work

Man on the job site

Step staining

caulking , painting

Firer work painting

Painting walls and doing it right

Ceiling tray color

Red walls in the basement

Painting the basement walls red

Painting with orange paint

Orange wall in bedroom

How high to paint a spot

Finish with orange paint

Will orange look good in a master bathroom?

Orange is the color for today

Living-room painting project coming up.

One color for hall and living room

Taking a look before the color is finish

Moving forward with color

Deck staining project

prep work before staining
ATL Deck staining project

SharJ's has that touch
Painting Project

Home painting in Mcdonough GA

Home Painting in LG

Estimate in Buckhead GA

Home Painting in Locust Grove

Locust Grove Painting project

Jonesoro Staining project

Church work

Front Porch staining and home trim painting

Griffin  home painting

Griffin exterior home painting

Porch power wash before staing

Prep before painting project

Home painting in Smyrna

Porch Pressure Washing
Exterior Porch StainingExterior Home Painting
Flowers DecorationFlower Arrangement
DecoratingFlower arrangement
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College park paint job.

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Merchant Services
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2015-01-27 12.33.55
2015-01-27 12.33.53
Pressure Washing
2015-01-27 12.33.50
2014-12-19 11.08.42Home & Trim PaintingPainting ceiling of porchShutters PaintingSSTPID clean serviceGutter cleaning kingPainting the whole housePressure WashingJob site to check on work that was done a week ago.Painting from the front door to the back door.Painting Wall in PeachtreeDoing Business from place-to-placePainting the ceiling for a clientHome pressure washing & paintingDoing repairs for a clients homePressure Washing a business Cleaning and Painting a home for a client to move in, Jonesboro, GAConcrete stainingPrepping before painingPainting home for a clientExterior paintingPutting Sign out
Painting from top-2-bottomPainting the top of a fire-place

Painting home for someone to move in soon.Pressure Washing a fencePainting exterior of a home Painting wall-2-wallPainting trim in a roomPainting, cutting-InTrimming-In after painting walls
Pressure washing BridgePainting Trim out side of the home
Customer signing contract
Cutting-In a bedroomPainting outside exterior and interiorPressure washing exteriorReading of the contract
Trim Work after painting Painting home of rental propertiesCleaning and getting ready to paint the entire house for a  client
Doing my Thang, to get ready for decorating a clients homePressure washing a deckDeck Restoration WorkGoing over the Contract for businessSigned Contract moving to businessChecking over the contractContract ready to signPainting a clients bathroom. Decorating it for her.
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Sharmon Causey = SharJ's Special Touch Painting.....
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Painting a bedroomPainting the entire house for a client and another client walk in to  ask if she could get hers paintedClean, Painting and Decorating a clients home.Writing up a contract for a customerPainting wall to wall for a customer.Painting for a customer in ATLPainting for another customer Clean then paint and decoratingPainting wall to wallPrep work for a customerpainting and then decoratingPainting wall to wall business 2 home.Painting for a clientDeck Restoration for a customerDeck repair & Staining Pressure washing the deck.Color change & staining deckPreparing to stain the deckStaining  in sectionBathroom DecoratingBedroom Decorating
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SharJ's Special Touch Painting @
Nail Shop
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SharJ'a Special Touch Painting @